Official Certification Qualifications: Sports Technician and High-level Sports Technician from courses 2013/14 and 2014/15 in Acadef now available! [Updated]

From November on, there will be available the official certification qualifications from Medium-level Sports Technician in Football, equivalent to Level 2, and High-level Spors Technician in Football, equivalent to Level 3, from all those students that took those levels in our academy during the years 2013-14 and 2014-15.

These certifications, issued by the Spanish Education, Culture and Sports Ministry along with the Council for Education, Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid, “confirm that the owner has the necessary competences to plan and manage the training of athletics and football teams, to run their participation in medium and high level tournaments, as well as to run football schools” (Royal Decree 320/2000, March 3rd, by which it is stablished the certifications of the Sports Technician and High-Level Sports Technicial, specialities in Football and Indoors Football). 

The students who are interested on picking up these diplomas, colloquially known as «the King’s qualifications», must go to the High School Carlos Bousoño (C/ de los Pinos, 10, 28221 – Majadahonda, Madrid) by presenting your ID card from 09:00h to 14:00h from November on. As Acadef is not responsible of giving the certifications, we are not authorised to pick them up. Just in case that the student was not able to go to the mentioned high school, he/she can present a power of attorney in which Acadef is authorised to pick up the certification, so that we can afterwards send it to the student’s home address, or any address that he/she tells us (ths power of attorney must be signed and done by a public notary). 

EXPLANATORY NOTE: These certifications are NOT necessary to become a member of the RFEF as a coach. In order to do so, you can use the grade transcript certification that the high school gives the students and that Acadef is in charge to give the students once the course is over and the procedures for each level are carried out.

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