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The main difference and advantage of getting the certification of sports technician, specialised in football, in an academic center in opposition to the federation is that you get a Middle Grade (Level 1 + 2) and a High-level Grade (Level 3). 

Acadef, with all the years of experience that we have achieved during the last years, has noticed that most of our students have had some trouble to access to Level 3, due to the fact that it is needed a Secondary School Diploma, the highest level of high school, or a similar degree. For this reason, we have created an online preparation course for the entrance examination to the High Level Professional Studies. 

This course is focused on give the students all the keys and necessary information to be able to pass the examination entrance to the High-level Professional Studies that will take place in May in Murcia. In order to do so, we will offer some face-to-face tutorials (or by Skype, if you do not live in Murcia), to clarify any question that may appear about the exam. This preparation course will begin in October, and its price is about 40€ per month + an initial enrolment 50€ .

You can register by clickng here and choosing the option ‘Preparaton course for the entrance examination to the High-Level Grade (Online)’ in the section ‘Course’. 

To obtain more information about this new modality, contact with our coordinator Pedro Asensio:  660 364 880 |