Sport Professions’ Regulation Law has been approved in the Community of Madrid

The Madrid Assembly has approved the Sport Professions’ Regulation Law, whose main objective is to avoid an unqualified practice in this area in the Community of Madrid.

The approved document sets the necessary requirements to practice the professions of sports instructor, sports coach, physical trainer, sport director and physical education trainer. Likewise, it is clear that these activities will be regulated independently if they are performed in the public or the private sector.

Thus, it has become an essential requirement to have the certification on Football Technical Coach or Senior Football Technical Coach in order to be able to train any federated team whatever its category is (just depending on the league). This rule is presented in Article 13. «Necessary qualification to practise the Sports Coach profession» of the BOE Boletín Oficial de la Asamblea de Madrid  Núm. 25 / 26 de noviembre de 2015.

The report also warns companies, and also their workers, about the consequences of not standardising their situation. Among the proposed mechanisms for the guarantee of the obedience of this law, the General Directorate for Sports of the Community of Madrid could take necessary control and inspection steps in order to guarantee that the professionals who perform sport-related activities in the Community of Madrid meet the requirements and obligations. The unfulfillment of these responsibilities may end in economical sanctions, from 1.000€ to 30.001€, as well as complete disqualifications that could even exceed the year, depending on the seriousness of the infraction, being the most grave the damage on someone’s health.

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