Dates for the physical test of Acadef in Murcia for the regular course in 2016

The General Management of Vocational Training has set the date for the physical test of Acadef in Murcia, which gives access to Level 1 in Sports Technician in Football Coach. The test will take place on 22nd and 23rd of September, 2016.

The registration period for these physical entrance examinations  is from the 1st to 14th of September. The registration form for both days are like the model that is attached in Annex II in this call. These applications will be sent to the General Management of Innovative Education and Attention to Diversity. Applications will be presented, along with the required documentation, preferably at the Secretary’s Office of the Seconday School «Poeta Sánchez Bautista», in Llano de Brujas, Murcia, and in the register of the Educational and Universitary Ministry.

Challengers must hand over, along with the inscription form, the following documents in order to carry out the test:

  • Medical certificate which expresses that the challenger is able to the make the specific test in football and indoor football.
  • A payment receipt of the public price for registration in the entrance examination.
  • The original one and a photocopy of the ID. 
  • Certification or Diploma of Secondary/High School or an equivalent degree with academic effects, or the credentials of some of the established conditions in the Twelfth Additional Provision of the Royal Decree 1363/2007, from the 24th of October.
  • (Handicap cases) Certification of the handicap degree in the case it has been issued by the Autonomous Community of Murcia’s Region, it will not be necessary if the applicant agrees to check the information in relation to those documents, as stated in article 5 of the Decree 286/2010, from the 5th of November, about documental simplification measures in the administrative procedures of the Autonomous Community of Murcia’s Region.

We remind you that these tests are an essential requirement to be able to make the Level 1 in any of our headquarters. For further information about this physical test, you can contact with our coordinator in Murcia, Pedro Asensio: 660 364 880 /

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