Acadef signs a collaboration agreement with the CCT

Acadef and the Third Division Football Clubs Committee (CCT) have signed this morning a collaboration agreement in order to create synergies that favour their own purposes.

The CCT defines itself as “association that is inscribed at the Interior Ministry, born with the purpose of defending the interests and ensuring the professional prestige of the Third Division National clubs, as well as their representation towards any person, entity or public or private organism”. The Club Atlético de Pinto, C.D. San Fernando, A.D. Torrejón, A.D. Parla or the Club Unión Collado Villalba are some of the 171 teams that currently form part of this commission.

This agreement is the result of the mutual interest for the reinforcement of strategies and looking for sponsorships that enrich the football’s culture. The main objective is to promote new projects related to third division football, as well as encouraging the regulated formation of coaches at a national level.

Thanks to this collaboration, football players coming from any club associated to the CCT willing to take the football technical coach courses (level 1, 2 or 3) in Acadef, whether the intensive or regular modality, will have a 10% discount on the total price of the course. Furthermore, there will be given 2 scholarships to each club per season (upon request by the club) that will cover the total Price of the course (management costs excluded) and including the official material of the academy:

From Acadef, we want to express our satisfaction on this new agreement and we trust that this will be useful for the growth of both institutions.


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