Validity of the academic certification in Sports Coach in Football

The report issued by the Sports Council in 17th February, 2014, confirms the validity of the academic titles given by private centres, like Acadef, both national and international levels.

In this document, the CSD, the highest organization of Spanish sport, confirms the officiality of the certifications in Sports Technician and High Sports Technician as well as their academic and professional credit. Similarly, the document states that «the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) is obliged to accept them when there are degree conditions for the development of activities of a technical nature in Clubs that are involved in official competitions within the national territory, according to the Article 55 in Ley 10/1990, de 15 de octubre, del Deporte.”

Likewise, regarding the academic and professional validity of the official certifcation in the international area, the CSD states that it will be only necessary to apostille the academic documents so that they will be accepted and recognised by the countries that have signed the Hague Convention. That way, everyone can work as a sports technician without any problem out of our contry. You can consult how to make this burocfratic procedure in the CSD’s own consult page. Thus, it is NOT necessary to ask for any of the UEFA licenses that the RFEF gives.


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