Renewal of the agreement with the C.F. TrivalValderas Alcorcón

This week, it has been made official the renewal of the collaboration agreement between Acadef and C.F. TrivalValderas Alcorcón, a third division Spanish team.

This agreement is the result of a mutual interest in order to reinforce sport strategies, and whose main objective is to impulse the formal education of the coaches for them to work with academic qualifications, as the adopted Sport Professions’ Regulation Law that will come into effect in a few months.

Thanks to ths collaboration between both entities, members of the C.F. TrivalValderas Alcorcón (players, coaches, technical staff, club members, etc.) will benefit from these bonuses in Acadef:

  • 10% discount on the total price of the Football Technical Coach course, whether it is Level 1, 2 or 3 in the regular or the intensive call.
  • Granting 4 scholarships per season, which will finance the total price of the course (excluding management costs), and that will include the official material from the academy: a special notebook for coaches to plan strategies and plays, a bag for the material, a pen, a pen-drive USB and official sports clothes.

Additionally, every student from Acadef, whether old student or new, will have the chance to make the practices at the C.F. TrivalValderas Alcorcón in order to acquire experience as a coach.

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