Participatory event for the headquarters in Madrid

Our school will celebrate on next Friday, July the 29th, a participatory event which will gather students and teachers from all of our headquarters in Madrid.

This conference will count on the presence of a catering service and a photographic session, particularly dedicated to our students as well as to the act itself. The event will start at 21:00h and, given the great number of headquarters in the capital, it will be held at two places, two schools attached to Acadef: Colegio Padre Manyanet (Alcobendas) and Colegio Quercus (Boadilla del Monte); the event will start at the same time in both places. Students and teachers from the rest of Madrid’s headquarters will be able to go to these places, depending on which one suits them the most.

It will be an event in which the student body and the faculty could exchange their points of view a few days away from finishing the intensive courses. Moreover, there will be a special tracking of the act in our social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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