New law: crimes of a sexual nature certificate

Since last March 1st, in 2016, a new law has come into effect. This law tries to facilitate the obtaining of a crimes of a sexual nature certificate for citizens that work close to minors. This certificate gives credit to the lack of criminal records of this type. The main objective is to protect children from sexual aggressors convicted by a final judgement, in Spain as well as in other countries, and, in turn, to favour the international police cooperation against these crimes. Only at a national level, more than 43.700 people have criminal records related to these types of crimes.

As football coaches, we must give this certificate to our club so that they can hand it in at the pertinent local federation.

How can I obtain this certificate?

The document is free, and it can be requested by Internet, by mail or in-person.
Download here the application form model and, once it is filled out, submit it at the local city hall. When it is approved, you will receive a download code for its printing.

You can read more about this law and its consequences here.

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