Javier Tebas will open the 1st National CCT Conference along with Óscar Garvín

Javier Tebas, president of the Professional Football League (LaLiga), will open the I National Conference of the Third Division Football Clubs Committee (CCT) along with the president of this association, Óscar Garvín.

This conference will be celebrated next Saturday, July the 23rd, at the Hotel Rafael Atocha in Madrid. Besides, Tebas will be in charge of giving the first of the planned presentations in the Educational Conference LaLiga-CCT that will take up the whole morning, leaving the afternoon free for the celebration of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of the association.

Below, there’s a programme of the I National Conference of the CCT:

[09:45] Opening of the Conference.

  • Javier Tebas’ welcome, president of LaLiga.
  • Óscar Garvín’s welcome, president of CCT.

[10:00] Project LaLiga-CCT. Speaker: Javier Tebas.

[10:30] Fiscal and labour law. Speakers: Luis Gil / Miguel G. Caba. Director-sport entities manager /  Director of LaLiga’s Legal Department.

[11:45] Break – ‘Coffee Break’.

[12:10] The new culture of Compliance in football. Speaker: Esperanza Bernal-Quirós. Director of LaLiga’s Compliance Department.

[12:50] Integrity. Speaker: Alfredo Lorenzo. Director of LaLiga’s Integrity Department.

[13:35] The future of national football. Speaker: Óscar Garvín.

[14:15] Presenting commemorative plaques to the clubs that have won the promotion to Third National Division and Second B Division.

[14:30] Lunch.


  • FIRST.- Reading and approval of the report of the previous assembly.
  • SECOND.- Approval of the 2015 accounts.
  • THIRD.- Agreement with LaLiga and LaLiga Foundation.
  • FOURTH.- Proposals for the RFEF General Assembly.
  • FIFTH.- 2016 Subventions.
  • SIXTH.- Motions and queries.


  • FIRST.- Statuary modification.
  • SECOND.- Creation of delegations.
  • THIRD.- Motions and queries.

[19:00] Closing.

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