There are many citizens with foreign qualifications, interested in doing the Soccer Technical Course at Acadef. Therefore, we will explain how to carry out the homologation of these foreign qualifications and the requirements to study in Spain.

In order to carry out the homologation,the student must present the following documents:

  • High School Diploma or Higher Education. 
  • Transcript of the grades,with the subjects of the last two years,in case of Middle School and in case of High School,of the last three years.
  • Passport o Identity Card.
  • An authorization of the student must be given to any  representative of Acadef in order to carry out the formalities of homologation.

The academic title and the certificate of grades of the last courses have to be duly legalized and apostilled (consult the countries of the Hague Convention) if the country where they have been coursed is NOT a member of the European Union. If the country is part of the European Union, this process is not necessary. Once legalized and apostilled, an official or sworn translation of these documents must be carried out in case they are not in spanish. Finally, a certified photocopy of both documents must be made, which will be the ones that are finally presented in the Registry (the student keeps the original documents).


You can check here the general table of equivalences of studies and the table of equivalences with the Member states of Mercosur and the Andrés Bello Convention (South American countries).

The fees that have to paid be by the interested in order to homologatr their degree are detailed as follows:

  • Middle School: No fees are needed to pay.
  • High School Diplome, Intermediate and Higher Education  and vocational training.: 47,82€
  • Academic Degree: 160€
  • Master: 160€

(*) NOTE: The homologation process lasts approximately 3-4 months, so it is essential to have the requested documentation a few weeks before the beginning of the course. Likewise, such homologation may be denied by the Spanish Ministry of Education. In such case, the student will be informed of the resolution to resume the process.

  • Residence in Spain:

01. The interested party must apply for a student visa at the Spanish Embassy located in the country of origin. In order to obtain this visa, Acadef will provide the future student with an invitation letter oncethe 250 € place reservation have been made and the commitment document filled out . The bank details to do the reservation of the inscription fee are the following:

  • Banco Sabadell
  • ES11 0081 1386 3500 0114 8120
  • Concept: First name,last name,identity card number,level and headquarter.

02.  When the interested party arrives in Spain,he/she has to go with the visa to the Aliens Office in order to standardize the stay in the country .