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Alberto Javaloyes, new physical trainer of the Jove

Alberto Javaloyes blanco

The teacher Alberto Javaloyes is going to join the technical staff of Jove Español San Vicente, led by Óscar Jiménez Fosco.

Alberto has graduated in Physical Activities and Sports, and licensed in Physical Education Teaching. Besides giving physical preparation lessons in our Alicante headquarter, he trains in basic football categories and is in charge of the physical preparation of some athletes in different categories (cyclists, runners, triathletes…). He has also participated as a speaker in various football campus and conferences related to sport.

Until his recent signing with the Jove Español de San Vicente, Albert was a physical trainer and second coach in the third division team Ontinyent CF, which he competed with in the playoff promotion to 2B.

We wholeheartedly hope him to achieve the objectives he has proposed and that this new chance reaps the rewards he deserves.

Congratulations, Alberto!




Teacher Ángel Villacampa will train the team Atlético de Madrid Féminas

Yesterday, the red-and-white feminine team announced, after the 3-0 defeat against the Athletic Club, the decision of putting an end to Miguel Ángel Sopuerta’s services in charge of the bench. His substitute will be our teacher in Madrid’s headquarters, Ángel Villacampa, who was the team’s second coach until now.

From Acadef, we would therefore like to wish him a successful professional career in this new path, and lots of luck in his first game in charge of the team against the FC Barcelona, second in the league’s ranking and two points ahead of the Atlético Féminas team.